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How to Fix Microsoft Account that Doesn’t Exist?

If you are attempting to log in to a few Microsoft Services like Outlook or MS 365, then you may end up facing an unexpected error that will stop you from accessing the account. Maybe it occurs when you attempt to login using an alias rather than the name of the account or you forgot the MS account name. If you are facing an error stating that the MS account does not exist, then there are several methods to solve it. Here is how it can be done:


Check the Name of Account

  1. Firstly, you have to check the spelling of your account name twice.
  2. If the spelling is typed correctly, then check your email ID or password.
  3. After that, don’t forget to check your email ID domain.
  4. Now, attempt to sign in via the previous email ID or contact number, whether they were modified.

Locate the Name of Account from the Xbox or Windows 10 PC

  1. Go to the Windows menu and select the Settings option.
  2. Thereafter, reach the Accounts option then select the ‘Email and accounts’ option.
  3. Then look at the MS accounts names beneath the ‘Email and accounts’ option.
  4. Another way should be launching any Office 2019 or 2016 application and make a new doc.
  5. Reach the upper left side wherever it says File and choose the Account option.
  6. Now, you should view the MS account name beneath the section of ‘User information’ or Product information.
  7. Finally, log in to the email ID connected with the MS account.
  8. Look at the older emails via Microsoft.
  9. Now, the earlier emails via MS will appear in the account name.

Check the Account Type

The users intended to check the account type can do the same through the below-written guidelines. If you have already tried this solution, then proceed further to the next fix.

  1. The account that was given by the school or workplace may not have an MS account connected with it.
  2. Users can utilize these accounts for logging in more than one service.
  3. School or work accounts, though, can’t be utilized to link to the different MS services like Xbox.
  4. Later, the Xbox Gamertag users should not be used to log in to the MS account.
  5. Now, the only valid process to log in is via email ID, a phone number, or Skype ID register to the account.

Source: https://smnorton.com/how-to-fix-microsoft-account-that-doesnt-exist/

Google Puts All Messaging and Communication Apps Under One Roof

No-one can deny the power of centralization. When scattered pieces of a jigsaw are joined on a shelf, scenic beauty is the ultimate outcome. Probably this is the reason why Google thought of bringing its communication apps, all on the work-desk of a man.

images (1)

October was a merry time for Javier Soltero, for he was hired for the post of GM and VP of G Suite in Google. Just after one year of handling the bunch of office apps, he is now being assigned to be in charge of Google Messages, Duo, and Google’s phone application. Several businesses and consumer-based managing teams are now under one umbrella. For the ones who don’t know the man, he is the former corporate Vice President for Cortana in Microsoft. There, he created an email application called Acompli, which gained much appreciation, and is now called the Outlook app.  Party time for Soltero!

According to a statement by a Google spokesperson, the step is intended to bring all the collective communication products of Google under the leadership and guidance of VP of Google Suite, Mr. Soltero. His leadership is under SVP of Platforms and Ecosystems, Mr. Hiroshi Lockheimer. But, with great power comes great responsibility. With the new tasks added, the man has to do the previous roles too, which means he will continue to be a part of the Cloud team too.

How’s and Why’s

The step is not a thoughtless one. The step is in accordance with Google’s “vision of coherence” for its products, especially the messaging applications. It was not a long time back when the company flipped the coin and changed Hangouts Meet to Google Meet and Hangouts Chat to Google Chat, thanks to the iron man. The motto was to eliminate any complications in the branding, which, for sure, was a very thoughtful one. Making Google Meet free of cost for everyone was also a much appreciable idea.  It seems that the company is pushing its limits really hard to revamp its products and modify its internal management. It is not always bad to keep all the mangoes in one basket.

What to expect from the Man

Giving powers to a responsible asset of the team always works best for the company. Google’s wise decision of accommodating several fragments of units in one hand not only will smoothen the internal management but will also hopefully bring ease and efficiency in the final outputs of the giant. While Google’s work-culture is appreciated all around the globe, no wonder Javier Soltero must be having the time of his life since last October. Yet, so many hopeful eyeballs have turned towards him. So the question is: what changes should the users expect when all such communication apps have come under one umbrella?

To the great disappointment of many and joys of some, the man just stated in The Verge that there are no intentions to modify or integrate one or more of the apps, as of now. The apps will run smoothly and efficiently, just the way they are. He further stated that each and every application has a particular use of its own, and people find it convenient to choose from the apps in accordance with their wishes.

However, there is always room for improvement. Expectations take a leap when powers are assigned to a capable member. In the view of some, Google’s communication apps require essential changes in their running. Integrations can be profitable, and the better choices around production development can be made. Is Mr. Soltero busy with the app unification plan? A big no.

Soltero has a different angle on the integration. He thinks that integrating different components together will add to confusion and complications. Unlike Facebook’s current plan, which aims to integrate Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp, Soltero believed that every app has a different purpose. A large number of the population relies on them, and each offers a specific duty to the customers. It would an “irresponsible” act to merge its apps aimlessly. People might lose interest or get confused with everything on one plate. Putting different, contradictory items together, and making them one, may sound amusing at first, but in reality, it is an aimless thought that will only create chaos.

Soltero’s thoughts are not of his alone. Lockheimer, too, thinks in a similar way. He is having a coherent vision for the future and thus does not consider the integration of applications to be needed. When every app has its own, unique use, then merging them forcefully will only make the customers dread. In a statement, he said that integrations have always created confusion in the past for the lovers of the apps. Thus, he is in no mood to repeat the mistakes. So what’s going to happen? Well, adding a new man to a full-fledged team means adding a new freshness. While the load on his shoulders is way too much, he definitely must be having his own newness to offer. What is expected is not only the better functioning of the existing apps but also new outcomes to bloom.

The final note

While those who wanted integration of application are disappointed, the hopeful ones still look up to the new joiner. The rationale given for not accommodating all apps together is valid and thoughtful. As the expectations are rising, it is evident that the company will bring something new really soon. The idea of reorganizing the internal processes and bringing all under one roof will ease the functioning processes, hopefully. All eyes are on one name! Mr. Javier Soltero.

Chloe Decker is a self-professed security expert; she has been making the people aware of the security threats. Her passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. She writes for Microsoft products at office.com/setup.

Source: https://office-uk.com/blog/google-puts-all-messaging-and-communication-apps-under-one-roof/

How to Turn On Live Caption on OnePlus 8

Live caption feature in android devices was firstly announced for the Pixel phones, but OnePlus has also picked up this feature to provide in the OxygenOS software. It’s a new feature and a great feature that allows the users to analyze the caption through hearing the sound. You can hear the words through audio to follow every word by using the headphones by video recording. The benefit of the live caption is that when you are some kind of work when you can’t read but can hear. Simply hearing can be really helpful in the busy activity. Even if you can see clearly, you can still hear what is written by using the live caption feature.


One plus is already ready to provide new features. The segment of OnePlus phones are into flagship category, and that is why the company always try to provide all the necessary and new feature to the users as soon as possible. After Pixel devices, OnePlus is another device that has the same feature. OxygenOS have some incredible feature, and Live caption is now also included among all these features. It’s a default feature, and you don’t have to install any additional application for using this feature. The live caption feature is a really helpful feature and can be activated easily in OnePlus 8.

How to use Live Caption on OnePlus 8

  1. You can use the live caption feature anytime, all you need to tap on “Volume button” and click on “caption button,” which is located on the bottom side of the display, a volume controlling icon pop-up.
  2. Additionally, you can also add live caption slot on notification bar instantly from quick settings and disabling it or enabling it is easy to form there.
  3. That’s all you have to do, and once you do it, you can hear any type of audio on your phone. There a black screen window with the captions will begin with audio.
  4. The default running time of audio is of two lines, but you can expand the lines by tapping on the line twice or choose manually.
  5. You can also drag the following required caption, and if you drag it all the way down, so it will be dismissed, and the live caption will be turned off.

The live caption feature is always up for activating, but it is not that type of feature that can enable any time. Enabling it all the time will not much helpful. You should enable it when you want to read something, and there you can easily enable this feature for listening in audio. It is true that from the feature understanding could be way too easy; users don’t have to read the written things when they can hear. Simply you can hear it through speaker or headphones, and there will be no face of issues of this.

Chloe Decker is a self-professed security expert; she has been making the people aware of the security threats. Her passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. She writes for Microsoft products at office.com/setup.

Source: https://haroffice.com/how-to-turn-on-live-caption-on-oneplus-8/

Apple Announces a New 13 -inch MacBook Pro with Magic Keyboard

Long years ago, lived the ancient nomadic trackpads that roamed from tabs to tabs in search of the urgent one. People got used to the troublesome experience. Everything was dull and stagnant. One beautiful day, Apple, the techy wizard, swayed its magic wand and invented the astonishing Magic trackpads, and since then, the world of keyboard felt a different sense of life. Well, who wouldn’t want tinge magic in life?


Good News, Alert! Apple has now announced the brand new 13-inch MacBook Pro with Magic keyboard. The ever innovating and evolving tech giant feels proud to gift you the best typing experience you could always have, forget the butterfly keypad experience.

Not to forget, the magic keyboard is not the only magic on the iPad. Precisely, every component in the iPad has a distinctive change in comparison with other Apple iPad.

Not everything has changed, but everything has a chance. Understand the difference.

The recent past

Yes. Inventions do take time. But when a superpower like Apple is concerned, the case becomes the opposite. Recently in March this year, the brand introduced its very fresh MacBook Air with Magic keyboard. Before that, I arrived the 16-inch MacBook Pro in November 2019. A short span of six months of hard work and innovation was sufficient for the makers to compensate for the butterfly keyboard blunder (An idea that consumed five long years but now discontinued.)

Key Features

Freshly arrived 13-inch MacBook Pro has a lot to offer to apple fans. While some things such as the touch bars remain the same as according to the previous MacBook Pros, tiny changes are very much appreciated. Mr. Tom Boger wrote, “Whether you are a college student, a developer, or a creative pro, the 13-inch MacBook Pro delivers a powerful performance.” This adds to the confidence of the prospective purchasers.


The newly arrived MacBook Pro, too many people’s disappointments, look significantly similar to its father devices. It was rumored that the new arrival will have not 13 but the 14-inch screen and tinier bezels, but it was only rumored. However, the device has an aluminum unibody design, which takes the bar of elegance high.

The body looks significantly lean and pretty.


The device comes with storage that can be extended as high as 32GB RAM, while the storage goes up as 4TB. The base model comes with 256GB storage.


The device runs like a horse due to its new upgrades. It presents a 2.8% faster performance. A big deal! Moreover, this MacBook Pro is powered by Intel Iris GPU. It supports Pro Display XDR at full 6K resolution.

Feel and comfort

The device stood up to expectations when it comes to comfort. Placed anywhere, users won’t face the problem of tripping of their screens, thanks to the magnets that hold the screen in place. Thus, the double duty of the hands is eliminated. The dual-hinge system lets the screen remain stable in the air. It can rotate its angle from 90* to 130*. However, many would have wanted them to be a bit more flexible so as they adjust and tilt the screen more comfortably. The superbly designed 13-inch MacBook Pro with a Magic Keyboard is all set to give a lappy feel in an iPad. Some users like it, while others still feel something is missing. The smartly designed scissor-switch keys to make typing experience a bit more enjoyable. A quieter keyboard always works for the best, adding up to the comfort of the users. The trackpads are undoubtedly better than many, but they add a bit of weight to the body too. One may still need to touch the screen quite occasionally, anyway. Also, some apps, for instance, Google docs, still don’t comply with the keyboard.

What’s the magic?

The creators have uttered the magic spells on their beautifully designed keyboard. The keyboard has a well-defined structure, making it mouth-watering. The scissor switches give a professional touch to the beauty. The keys are backlit in the dark, but it’s a bit difficult to change the backlighting. The stable grip that the keyboard prevents the screen from falling back. This makes the experience secure and hassle-free. The placement of the USB-C port is cool and stylish. Switching between apps through the trackpad becomes one of a kind experiences when you have a magic keyboard. The trackpad works efficiently well and provides an easy click. The magic lies in its trackpads.

Comparisons are necessary

Butterfly keys vs. the magic keyboard

The butterfly keyboard was designed to make the typing experience better, but it did more harm than good. Under the keys lie the butterfly mechanism, which in turn makes the keyboard thinner and slimmer. The keyboard is named after the name of a beautiful insect simply because its buttons have the wing mechanism. However, it was seen that it created a drastic adverse impact on the typing sessions. Users faced issues in registering the letters. Jamming of the keys became a common issue. A small particle of dust could jam the keys very quickly. Keeping in mind the mounting problems with the butterfly keyboards, Apple took a wise decision to discontinue it.

The magic keyboard brings the smart scissor switches to eliminate the problem of jamming of buttons. It is trendy and doesn’t create any fuss.

MacBook Air vs. 13-inch MacBook Pro

Unfortunately, the newest device does not offer the expected 14-inch screen, but it indeed offers up to 32 GB Ram and 10th gen Intel Quad-core processors.

The availability of the magic keyboard is present in both the arrivals. However, the latest one has an additional Touch Bar, which gives it an extra point. The 3.5mm headphone port remains the same in both versions.

The MacBook Pro has a few more upgrades like in the stereo speakers that have a high dynamic range and the Dolby Atmos support.

Where the Retina display is concerned, MacBook Air offers 500nits of brightness and P3 broad color support, while the latter provides 400nits of brightness. The MacBook Pro Air is delighted to offer an easy 2 hours more battery life than the 13-inch MacBook Pro, which has 10 hours battery life for movie playback and wireless web.


The device is available at a starting price of $1,299 in the US. The good news for the education customers is that they will be getting a $100 discount specifically for them.


The latest arrival may appear similar to its previous appearances, but its new updates should not be ignored. I watched from a glance, the device does not have any out of the box elements to offer, but its tiny innovative changes and of course, the astonishing magic keyboard has a spark to be admired. All in all, the high price is worth it.

Chloe Decker is a self-professed security expert; she has been making the people aware of the security threats. Her passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. She writes for Microsoft products at office.com/setup.

Source: https://haroffice.com/apple-announces-a-new-13-inch-macbook-pro-with-magic-keyboard/


Amazon VP Quits after Company fires the Whistleblowers

Tim Bray, who worked as the senior engineer and also Vice president (VP) at A.W.S. (Amazon Web Services) wrote in his blog; the fact that the organization is firing whistleblowers drawing attention towards the frightful state of warehouse workers at Amazon, have dismayed him. Bray said that if he remained an Amazon Vice president, then he had to sign off on many actions he despised.


Chris Smalls, Gerald Bryson, Emily Cunningham, Maren Costa, Courtney Bowden, and Bashir Mohammed were few of the names quoted by him as he added that victims aren’t unknown entities but living people. He further said that he is sure it is nothing but a sheer coincidence that each of the stated individuals is women, a person of color or both, Right? They are going to be treated like “crap, because of CAPITALISM.”

Cunningham and Costa, these two Seattle based workers, were also part of Amazon Employees for the Climate Justice group who criticized Amazon on Twitter. This group specifically demanded an end to the contracts of the A.W.S. division of the company with Gas and Oil organizations. Bray mentioned that in the current company’s structure, warehouse employees have none-little power compared to the workers who are paid more.

He states that after the day ends, it is all about the power balance and nothing else. The workers in the warehouse are powerless and are only getting weaker. Increasing their collective strength, any credible solution to this has to start with this.

Lack of protective equipment and the way the company treats the warehouse workers have also garnered Amazon a lot of complaints and criticism. Warehouse workers also complained that the information on whether any of their co-workers have suffered from health outbreaks.

All the six tech employees were also fired who, as a protest against the company’s treatment of its workers, in April took a sick day. Chris smalls were also fired who was a warehouse worker in New York and in March organized a walkout. “Putting others’ safety at risk by violating the social distancing guidelines.” was the reason stated by the company for firing Smalls. The firing was stated as “Disgraceful” by Letitia James, New York Attorney General. There has been a spike in demand due to the pandemic for the delivery goods and to meet it, amazon over past weeks has hired more than 1,75,000 workers. The base hourly rate of workers was also increased by $2 to make it $17 through May 16th.

Praising the workers during his note to the investors as he announced first-quarter revenues of the company, Jeff Bezos said that he is proud of his frontline employees who along with other essential workers like doctors, nurses, and police officers are doing their job. He further stated that in the second quarter company is speculated to employ $4 billion related to the ongoing pandemic charges.

Having said that, the workers say that efforts made by the company have fallen short by quite a margin to which Bray adds that it is a structural issue and it existed even before the pandemic occurred.

The company has, in the past, demonstrated great skill when it comes to spotting opportunities. It also successfully built repeatable processes to exploit them. It is an exceptionally well-managed company, but the problem is that it treats humans like “fungible units of pick-and-pack potential.” Bray further criticized the company by saying that “It lacks the vision when it comes to acknowledging the human costs that incurs when the company is seeking relentless growth.

Chloe Decker is a self-professed security expert; she has been making the people aware of the security threats. Her passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. She writes for Microsoft products at office.com/setup.

Source: https://office-uk.com/blog/amazon-vp-quits-after-company-fires-the-whistleblowers/

How to Download and Install macOS Version Catalina 10.15.5 Beta 3 to Mac

Developers are keen to know about the trends in the market. Here is how to install developer beta in Mac.

New Features of macOS version Catalina beta

Below mentioned are the new features and the steps to perform the testing of new features:


Taking Archived Backup via Time Machine

  1. An external HDD needs to be connected to your Mac. You may also use Thunderbolt Cable or Time Capsule.
  2. In the left corner on the top of the screen, tap on the iPhone icon.
  3. A dropdown menu will appear. Select the ‘System Preferences.’
  4. In the follow-up window, tap on ‘Time Machine.’
  5. You’ll see a slider in front of the time machine button. Turn the slider on.
  6. Tap on ‘Select Backup Disk’ for the one you’d want to use.
  7. Backups will begin in a minute or two.

Downloading the macOS Version Catalina

  1. Search for developer.apple.com in the search bar of your iPhone.
  2. Select the ‘Discover’ option.
  3. Select the tab of macOS.
  4. Start downloading by clicking on the download button.
  5. It may ask you to sign in via the developer account.
  6. Once you tap on the ‘Install Profile’ button, the software will get installed on your Mac.
  7. In the Downloads file, tap on macOS version Catalina Developer Beta Access Utility.
  8. Double-tap and Run.
  9. Once this is done, the system will automatically look for updates regularly.

Installing the macOS version Catalina Developer Beta

To install the update involuntarily:

  1. Tap on Continue.
  2. Tap on the checkbox to agree to the Terms and Conditions by Apple.
  3. Tap on Install and follow the prompted instructions for installing the updated version.

Installing the macOS version Catalina Developer Beta on Partition

  1. To begin with this, your mac should have a partition.
  2. Once its installation-ready, click continue.
  3. Tap on the checkbox to agree with the terms and conditions once read.
  4. To jump from your spot partition, tap on ‘Select all disks.’
  5. Tap on the division to be installed and select install.

Eva Winget is an avid technical blogger, a magazine contributor, a publisher of guides at mcafee.com/activate, and a professional cyber security analyst. Through her writing, she aims to educate people about the dangers and threats lurking in the digital world.

Source: https://virtualdirectoery.uk.com/blog/how-to-download-and-install-macos-version-catalina-10-15-5-beta-3-to-mac/


Environment Variables store information about our login sessions stored for the system to use commands. Many variables are set by default, while many of them are installed. Environment Variables apply to all the updated systems, but here we shall talk specifically about Linux. Here is how you can set environment variables on Linux:


Working of Environment Variables

Certain Variables are referenced to ensure working when we launch a terminal window. Not just this, these variables also make sure that any information which is required by the terminal is available to refer. These variables define the environment to look upon inside the terminal window, which is why these are known as Environment Variables.

Certain Environmental Variables stick to the system or has a global reach. While others are private and could only be seen by you. The third set of variables are those which depend upon your time, locale, and certain other settings.

Below mentioned is the information about your already existing variables and how to create it your own as well.

Environment and Inheritance

The starting of a shell goes through an initial stage only when these variables define the environment of the shell.

When a program is launched, it inherits the variables from the parent environment. But, this is totally customizable as you can avoid adding the variable to the new program which you do not want to be added.

Global Environment Variables

By protocol, these environment variables give uppercase names. Below mentioned are some global environment variables and what they represent:

  1.  _:  It stands for the last command that was typed.
  2. HOME: It stands for the home directory of the current user.
  3. LANG: It stands for the character encoding settings.
  4. SHELL: It stands for the name of the shell that will pop up when you open the terminal window.
  5. TERM: These are the copies of the terminal window.
  6. USER: It holds the name of the person who is using the system currently.
  7. PWD: It is the path to the current working directory.
  8. OLDPWD: It is the path between the old directory and the current working directory.
  9. LS_COLORS: These are the list of colors to highlight different types of files.
  10. MAIL: If there is any mail system set up on your system, this holds the path to the current user’s mailbox.
  11. PATH: It is a list of directories that search through to find command executables.

What is Tab Completion?

Tab completion is a process to fill the variable name for you. Type whatever name you think is suitable and press ‘Tab’. The name of the variable will automatically be updated. If in any case, this doesn’t work, you’ll need to distinguish the environmental variable from other names that begin with the same letters.

To add to the environment variable, type a suitable name, and an ‘=’ sign without leaving any spaces before and after the sign. The name can contain numbers, letters, or an underscore (_) sign. Keep in mind that the first character of the name cannot be a number.  Avoid putting in spaces but if there are some, do not forget to close the quote with quotation marks (“).

Save the file and then you may log out whenever you want to.

Because of the variable is global, it is accessible to any whoever logs in next.

Shell Environment Variables

Some of the shell environmental variables used in bash record its behavior and functionality. Some values get updated while you use the system while others remain the same. For example, the COLUMNS the environment variable will be updated to reflect changes you might make to the width of the terminal window:

  • BASHOPTS: These are the command-line options that were used when bash was launched.
  • BASH_VERSION: It is a string of words and numbers.
  • BASH_VERSINFO: The bash version as a digit.
  • COLUMNS: It is the current width of the terminal window.
  • DIRSTACK: These are the directories that have been included in the directory stack by the push command.
  • HISTFILESIZE: These are the maximum number of lines added to the history file.
  • HISTSIZE: These are the number of lines of history allowed in memory.
  • HOSTNAME: It is the hostname of the system.
  • IFS: The stands for Internal Field Separator used to separate input on the command line. By default, this is a space.
  • PS1: The PS1 condition variable holds the definition for the essential, default, and order brief. A lot of tokens called to get away from successions can be remembered for the meaning of your order brief. They speak to such things as the host-and username, the present working index, and the time.
  • PS2: At the point when an order traverses more than one line and more information is normal, the auxiliary order brief has appeared. The PS2 condition variable holds the meaning of this auxiliary brief, which, naturally, is more prominent than sign (>).
  • SHELLOPTS: Shell options you can set using the settings option.
  • UID: It is the user identifier of the current user.

Creating Session Environment Variables

To create environment variables for your own use, you must add the extension ‘.bashrc’ when you save a file. In the event that you need to have the environment variables accessible to remote meetings, for example, SSH associations, you’ll have to add them to your .bash_profile document, also.

Remote Connections

Worldwide condition factors are open to remote login meetings, however on the off chance that you need your privately characterized condition factors accessible to you remotely, you should add them to your .bash_profile record. You can set a similar domain variable in the .bashrc and .bash_profile documents, with various qualities. This could be gotten by a content, say, to adjust its conduct for individuals utilizing the framework locally or remotely.

Gedit will be used to edit .bash_profile

Unsetting an Environment Variable

Unset command is used for the unsetting of an environment variable. Unsetting the global environment variable will make the command line unavailable.

A piece of important information to be noted here is these changes could only be seen by you in the session you’ve logged in while other global users who are logged in have access to it.

Environmental Control

Condition factors can be utilized to tell contents and applications on how they ought to carry on. They can be utilized to store settings or modest quantities of information. For instance, content can populate a domain with a worth that can be referenced by different contents without thinking of them to a document.

Source: https://sewebroot.com/how-to-set-environment-variables-in-bash-on-linux/

How to Use your iPhone as a Webcam

iPhone’s have a high-quality camera due to which it is one of the leading brands today. An iPhone camera could be used for professional photography in absence of DSLRs, but there is another use of an iPhone camera. Webcams are not easy to find under current circumstances, so why not use an iPhone camera as a Webcam?


It could be used in a simpler way by just putting iPhone applications to use. In case you’re using your iPhone as a webcam, it would require you to install an application on your iPhone while an alternative one on your PC or system. Undoubtedly, this is quick, simple, but rather than doing this, why not use installed apps like Zoom, WhatsApp, or, Skype. These applications are meant to work just great on small screens and easy to use.

For handsfree experience, Tripods are a great option to opt. There are a lot of affordable Tripods available in the market which could be purchased for an easy event.

Above mentioned was a simpler trick to use an iPhone for a good webcam experience. Now, let’s talk about ‘How an iPhone could be used as a Webcam?’

This process requires you to install software on your iPhone and your computer, both. Your iPhone doesn’t support this system due to which a third party software will have to get to work.

EpocCam and iVCam are the two most recommended software which provides a free trial before you buy for your better reviewing. EpocCam could be used with Windows and Mac, both while iVCam could be used only with Windows.

EpocCam has three versions to work with: A basic version that has limitations like Watermark; a high definition version, and a version meant for professionals. On the other hand, the free version of iVCam provides HD support yet again with a watermark, which could be removed once you pay for the software.

Both the software are not rocket science to crack and allows you smooth functioning; for example, it allows you to use a USB connection/wireless method, choose between lenses or enable flash for better lighting. If you go for any of the two applications, $10 or less is the value to unlock the premium version.

Tips for using an iPhone as a Webcam

The most reliable way to use these applications is with a USB connection. The USB connection will also charge your phone while you chat, and your battery won’t drain much, which could happen if you use the wireless mode.

Just a software and Wifi availability is all you need, and you’re good to go. A tripod can be used in case you need to keep it still. One of the portable tripod’s and easy to use are ‘GorillaPods’ which could be attached and de-attached with the smartphones instantly.

The latest iPhones have more than one camera, and it’s easy to switch between them; however, using the regular wide lens will remain a good idea.

Source: https://smnorton.com/how-to-use-your-iphone-as-a-webcam/

The Secure Group Video Calls of Telegram to Come Soon

Telegram has announced an even more unique and significant new feature of security first identity to group video calls in the year 2020.

Telegram is one of the most successful but smaller social media channels all across the globe. The social media platform is expanding the roster of its features and going to add the secure group video conferencing feature. The inclusion of a new secure group video chat feature could be considered as the significant step taken by the platform to please its users. Also, the action of the social media platform to introduce encrypted group video chat feature is notable as the social media platform always take pride in itself for its privacy features. Telegram is famous all across the globe for its exhaustive and unique features of encryption.

FILE PHOTO: Men pose with smartphones in front of a screen showing the Telegram logo in this picture illustration

The Telegram was founded by the people who were responsible for establishing the most significant social platform, VKontakte in Russia. The developing team behind the largest social network in Russia uses an exceptional proprietary number solutions on its posterior. The use of unusual proprietary number solutions was an attempt by the developing team of the social networking platform to fast and uninterrupted communication among the users who stayed ahead of the security curve. The secret and secure chat features were heavily advertised by the company which connected the two users in a conversation while providing end to end encryption. Also, it goes much farther by informing the users about the timing of the creation of the encryption keys along with updating it. Moreover, the social media platform, Telegram is also noteworthy as it allows its users to send a wide range of files through its secure and encrypted chat. The sending of various data through its encrypted chat feature makes it an excellent tool for the people who are using the messaging service of the social media platform for their professional uses.

Telegram has announced the introduction of a new secure group video chat feature in its blog post. The company has said that it would introduce the encrypted group video chat feature very soon in the year 2020. However, the blog post was mainly revolving around the celebrations as the social media platform has touched the new milestones regarding the user numbers. The monthly users of the social media platform have reached whooping numbers of 400 million. But, the company decided to use this occasion to reveal plans regarding its services. The details regarding the new encrypted feature of group video chat are very scarce. Still, it is related to a text messaging service launched in the year 2013, which was comfortable and secure.

Possibilities of Huge success of Telegram Group Video Conferencing

Telegram has highlighted a lot of new features regarding its messaging space, which it plans to release very soon this year, but video conferencing has come out as a surprise. Since the Telegram has gained a reputation for being the most downloadable app in several countries and so there is a huge possibility that people will welcome its video conferencing feature. It seems that the group video conferencing feature of Telegram will also get the popularity as Zoom has received. The social media platform has 400 million monthly users who are active on the platform for various activities all across the globe. Telegram would never wish that these users would migrate to some other video conferencing platform to fulfill their needs of work from home. Also, the company is not ignorant of the steps taking its competitors to get the reputation as the most encrypted video conferencing platform. However, Telegram has not revealed any particular date regarding the launching of its new group chat feature. Yet, it still has to take a lot of measures to ensure the success of its functionality.

Chloe Decker is a self-professed security expert; she has been making the people aware of the security threats. Her passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. She writes for Microsoft products at office.com/setup.

Source: https://haroffice.com/the-secure-group-video-calls-of-telegram-to-come-soon/

Download & Add Toy Story, Up and Brave Zoom Backgrounds

Disney has released the imagery of Toy Story, Up, and Brave for download, and the users can set these as the virtual background for their Zoom calls. Zoom has gained much more popularity among the users than ever before. The main reason behind this growing popularity is the ongoing health outbreak, which has forced everyone to follow social distancing measures and stay at home. Amidst the lockdown and stay at home situation, most of the people have turned to use the Zoom video conferencing app to attend the remote meetings and to socialize with their friends and family. Even though the app is facing several issues of security concerns, still the number of its users is increasing each day. Zoom has become the most preferred video chat app for many of the users.


The features provided by the video chat app are also responsible for its ever-increasing demand. The video conferencing app allow a decent number of users to participate in a single chat for free. Another reason behind its growing popularity is its ability to switch out the backgrounds set as default for some other. This feature of the app has encouraged the companies to make available their imagery and artwork to set as backgrounds in the app. The companies which are scrambling their imagery and artwork include Disney also. The company has rolled out imagery of its several movies, including Toy Story, Up, and Brave. The imagery is available for download and can be set as the background for your Zoom app call. However, the users will not get a lot of choices to download from each movie, and only one image is available for download from each film. Among the provided options to download and set as background, the users will be allowed to choose between Andy’s room from the Toy Story, DunBroch forest, and Carl and Ellie’s house to set as their Zoom background.

Ways to Add Brave, Toy Story & Up as Zoom Backgrounds

The steps to set the imagery of the provided movies as the background for the Zoom app is quite easy once you have completed the downloading process. However, some of the steps may differ depending upon the type of device you have selected for downloading the imagery. If you are a Smartphone user and had saved the image, then remain active on the video conferencing chat and choose the Virtual Background while clicking on the menu. You will be redirected to the other menu, where you will find the location of different Zoom backgrounds. Additionally, when you click on + option, then it allows you to upload the Pixar artwork saved earlier. Once you upload the image, it will set as the background of your Zoom app call.

Alternatively, you can add this Pixar artwork through the Zoom desktop version without remaining in the call. You will need to tap on your icon of the profile while accessing your account in the Zoom app and then go to Settings. When the Settings will appear to you, select, and then tap on Virtual Background. The remaining steps are the same as you follow while setting the Pixar artwork as background in your Smartphone.

Chloe Decker is a self-professed security expert; she has been making the people aware of the security threats. Her passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. She writes for Microsoft products at office.com/setup.

Source: https://office-uk.com/blog/download-add-toy-story-up-and-brave-zoom-backgrounds/



Chromebook is a Google device running on a Linux based Operating System. The primary purpose of this device is to use for several tasks via a Chrome browser with data and apps that exist in the cloud instead of the machine automatically. Many users ask if they can have several Google accounts sign-in on the system. The answer is yes, you can add several Google Accounts on the Chromebook. So, if you would like to know how to add a new user to Chromebook, then here are the instructions given below.


Adding Different Google Account to the Chromebook

The users who intend to add different Google Accounts to the Chromebook can do so through the below-written guidelines.

  1. Go to the Time option on the lower side of the display.
  2. After that, select the Settings icon in the upper section of the window.
  3. You should select the Google account beneath the ‘You and’ Google tab.
  4. Then select the Add account option.
  5. You have to input your email ID for another account.
  6. Navigate to the Next button.
  7. You should insert the password for another account.
  8. Select the Next button.
  9. Go to the ‘I agree’ button and click on it.
  10. Now, the account is successfully added to the logged-in accounts on the user profile of the Chromebook.
  11. In case you would like to delete the account, then you will get back to the menu and apply this action ‘Remove this account’ beneath the vertical ellipsis menu beside every account.

Add Another User to the Chromebook

The users who are keen to add another user to the Chromebook can pursue the directions given below.

  1. You should select the Time option on the lower side of the display.
  2. Thereafter, click on the ‘Sign out’ button on the upper side of the display.
  3. Then choose the ‘Add Person’ next to the lower-left side of the screen, whether anyone who is going to be frequently via the Chromebook.
  4. You have to input the email ID for another user’s Google account.
  5. Click on the Next option.
  6. Go to the ‘Accept and continue’ option to sign in to Chrome.
  7. Then choose the ‘Accept’ button to terms of service of Google Play.
  8. You should select the Continue button to configure the Google Assistant.
  9. Now, click on the Done option to complete the configuration of Google Assistant.

Delete the Chromebook’s Second User

  1. Go to the log-in page and select the down arrow button beside the user you would like to delete.
  2. Thereafter, select the ‘Remove this user’ option.
  3. Now, select the ‘Remove this user’ option to remove that profile and every local data related with within your Chromebook.

Source: https://sewebroot.com/how-to-add-a-second-user-on-the-chromebook/

How to Check Wi-Fi Signal’s Strength of on Windows 10?

When you are using Wi-Fi on your PC via a Wi-Fi adapter, you may observe the Wi-Fi network depends on your place. In case you would like to found a better spot to receive the most from your Wi-Fi, and then looking at the network bar is the easiest method. You will determine the performance of the Wi-Fi signal strength. There are many ways to check the signal strength of your Wi-Fi. So, here are the instructions to do so:


Via Taskbar

  1. You should reach the taskbar then click on the Network button.
  2. After that, pursue the wireless button beside the network.
  3. Once you see a single tower, which means you receive a poor signal, or when you get two signals, it means that acceptable, and then 3 towers mean you should receive a well signal.

Via Settings

  1. Navigate to Settings and then launch it.
  2. Thereafter, select the option of Network & Internet.
  3. You should reach the option of Status and click on it.
  4. Finally, beneath the section of “Network status,” you will get the recent signal strength via the wireless button.

Via Wi-Fi Settings Screen

  1. You should reach the Settings screen.
  2. Afterward, go to the Wi-Fi button.
  3. Thereafter, beneath the section Wi-Fi, reach the wireless button, and you will see the strength of the signal.
  4. After completing the procedure, you will have to get well quality of Wi-Fi understanding to control the point.

Via Control Panel

  1. Firstly, pursue to Control Panel.
  2. Afterward, choose the option of Network & Internet.
  3. You should pick the Network & Sharing Center.
  4. Now, below the section of “View your active networks,” the wireless button beside the option of “Connections” will notify the quality of the signal.
  5. Alternatively, reach the name of the connection to view the quality of the signal, such as speed, SSID, and further details.

Via Command Prompt

  1. Firstly, pursue the to Start logo on the PC.
  2. After that, reach the search section and input ‘cmd’ into it and select the OK button to invoke the Command Prompt.
  3. Thereafter, input the following command to check the strength of the Wi-Fi signal and press the Enter button: “netsh WLAN show interfaces.”
  4. Now, navigate to the section of Signal to determine the quality of the signal.

Via PowerShell

  1. Navigate to the Start logo on the device.
  2. Then, reach the search section and insert ‘PowerShell’ into it and press the Enter button to invoke the PowerShell.
  3. After that, insert the command and press Enter: (netsh wlan show interfaces) -Match ‘^s+Signal’ -Replace ‘^s+Signals+:s+’,”.
  4. Finally, you should look at the quality output of the signal.

Via Network & Sharing Center

  1. Reach the Control panel then pick the button of Network & sharing.
  2. Thereafter, check signal strength towers.
  3. Now, in case you wish, you can pursue through the URL of ‘wireless network connection’ to check its properties.

Source: https://smnorton.com/how-to-check-wi-fi-signals-strength-of-on-windows-10/

5 Best Free Backup Software Tools 2020

We are not very conscious of Data protection but when it comes to our personal computer then you stuck without backup because our computer is infected with a virus or the hard disk crashes.

Free backup software tools are completely free software that can be used to automatically backup the important data on your computer hard drive to somewhere safe. If you are still not backing up your all-important documents and other data from your computer then start to back up the data.


I discussed  some free backup software tools below:

1. Cobain Backup

It is free professional and recovering tools that can backup files, drives, and folders to and from the all following locations such as FTP server, network share external drive, local disk, and manual location.

Cobian backup tool runs your backup task as per your requirement once, on startup, daily, weekly & monthly.

It is also supported by choosing a priority and running a job as another user. If sending is not functioning properly or success one or more email addresses and defining advanced filtering options to exclude or include data from the backup.

Unfortunately, you have no options to restore with Cabin Backup short of just browsing the backup folder and pulling out the files.

2.EaseUS Todo Backup

It is a free backup software and easy to use backup software. You can take backup for the home to music, video, photos, Documents, entire HDD, SSD, and Android device to an external device, flash drive, pen drive, and NAS, etc.

EaseUS Todo Backup pricing starts at $29.95 per year, per user. It offers a free trial. It can easily save your data from disaster. You can always find a way to prefer to protect your data and OS.


   3. SyncBackFree

SyncBackFree has been around since 2003. SyncBackFree is free backup software and synchronization of the programs that can be used with FTP servers, hard drives, removable media(e.g. USB keys ), ZIP archives, and network shares. It also backup open or live files and your logs on email. It is entirely free software and supports Microsoft Windows 10,8,7, and Vista 32 & 64 bit.

4. FBackup

It is free backup software to use easily to backup the important data and download right now this software to protect your data.

It provides you a wizard and improved mode that helps to create and schedule backup jobs that can save in removable drive, network drives, hard drive, and google drive.

5. Paragon Backup & Recovery Free Edition

It is a free and advanced backup software that restore software for individual users. It is the most powerful free backup solution ever! Take complete control of your PC’s safety. Create a backup of your data. If you want to create a password to protect your backup, you can save it as a Paragon Image (PVHD) file.  Otherwise, the program also supports backing up data to a VMWare Image (VMDK) file or a Microsoft Virtual PC Image (VHD) file.

Settings are available to compress a backup and manage how much splitting, if any, should be done to cut the backup into smaller pieces.

If you want to go the Norton web link that is norton.com/setup.

Source: https://alessiamartine121166276.wordpress.com/2020/04/28/5-best-free-backup-software-tools-2020/


How to Swap the Columns in the Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a software just like Docs to compete with Microsoft Word and Sheets. Google Sheet is based on the web that can be opened in your preferred browser and shared with multiple people. In the Google Sheet, there few things that are best for starters, and one of them is swapping the tables. Swapping the tables in the sheet is an important feature and also a useful feature for the users. To know about this feature, there is a straightforward guide for quick access.


How to Swap Columns In Google Sheets

Well, if you know nothing about it, then you should know that there are three major methods of swapping the columns by adding on Power Tools. Every method is convenient, so you understand it way too easily.

Swap the Columns through Dragging

Begin with a blank sheet with Column 1 and Column 2 with A and B columns. Input Months name the following order in the A2, A3, A4, and A5. Enter some random numbers on the cell number B2 to B5. Whatever you put in the table, it will not matter at all; it is just for the idea and understands of yours.

  • Press on the Header A and choose it.
  • Tap on the Column A header bar again and keep on hold the left mouse button.
  • Begin the drag over the Column B to swap the column table.

Now both column will change their position accordingly. Just like the same way, you can swap many more tables instantly without any additional efforts. You can also swap multiple columns together in one term by selecting the specific columns in once and drag them to the column of your choice. The following columns will change their positions, but their heading name will remain the same.

Swap the Column Table in Google Sheet through Copy and Paste

Another method to swap the table is through the Copy and Paste method. This method is different from the drag method yet a simple method. To do the swapping through copy and paste, you need to first choose the column to swap.

  • Select the column and copy that specific column table.
  • Paste that particular column on the empty column of the sheet area.
  • You can do copy and paste by using the commands as well.

In the same method, you can choose any column to swap. Even if you are willing to swap multiple, you need to select multiple columns at once and paste them on the black area of sheet to swap. Columns will change their positions, but you need to remember every column that you copy and paste while doing it. This procedure is different swap is different and can take time to do that as well. If you successfully swap the columns, so don’t forget to delete the duplicate columns by pressing Del key to remove the table.

Swap the Columns through Power Tool

Google Sheet has several adds-on for enhancing its compatibilities, and power tool are one of these enhancements of capability add-on. To add the power tool into the Google Sheet, tap on Add-ons>Power Tools>Start. Through this, a sidebar will keep on showing. Tap on the Data and the Shuffle icon to get the options to move the columns. With the feature, you can swap the columns easily. Choose the full column to move and then hold on the A column to drag it on the B column and then tap on the shuffle button to swap both columns.

Google Sheet is an alternative software that is just like Microsoft Excel, and you can get a few great features in it as well. Whoever learns the features of Google Sheet only uses it. However, both are not so different from each other.

Source: https://smnorton.com/how-to-swap-the-columns-in-the-google-sheets/


Fortnitegain comes up with some amazing ideas and skin in the game, which is about Travis Scott. The skin of Travis Scott is unlockable, but for that in the map, Astro heads exist that players need to find out first. It’s an event that looks way more interesting because in the world there are numerous fans of Travis Scott exist. Well, there are multiple challenges to accomplish to unlock the skin of Travis in the game. Bouncing off all five giant is one of those challenges that players need to eventually complete to unlock the skin. There is a total of three challenges available, but completing these challenges could take some time. However, the more and most important task to do is to track down all the Astro heads on the map.

At the beginning of season 2, Epic Games announced that they would be a bit easier on the challenges, but eventually, challenges keep coming, and they are interesting rather than easy. Well, it is not unfortunate because players are able to unlock amazing skins and items through these event challenges, and this one challenge is worth playing. Players should complete it as soon as possible, so here are the following locations of every Astro head on the map.

Locate the Giant Astro Heads to Bounce off them in Fortnite

The locations of newly Giant Astro Heads located on the Sweaty Sands and one on The Shark Bay, which is newly added locations of Chapter 2 of Season 2. On these two locations, players can find their Astro heads by looking down on the Bayside.

On the left side of the Sweaty Sands, you can see your first Astro head, and near that on the right side, you can see your second Astro head. The third Giant head will be visible on the hill on the ahead direction of the second Giant head. The Forth head is existing on the island in the center of the bay near the crashed airplane. Your final Astro head will be available at the lighthouse of the bay that is facing on the side Shark. Every head that you will find is not so far from each other. If you find one, you will be continuous will find others as well by going a little further.

Once you find out every Giant head, you need to hop on every single head once even though they look like bouncy. That is the challenge you need to finish by bouncing off on every giant head. The team rumble mode is great because, in that mode, you will have unlimited lives and also redeploys that makes this challenge easier to do.

In real life, personality collection in-game, Travis’s skin makes so much sense, and also, it is one of the best skin in the battle royale game. Many popular streamers have unlocked this skin, and they really appreciated this event and its reward of completion. The first real personality skin was Marshmallow skin that was also attractive, and now they continued with the same through Travis Scott skin. After completing the challenge, you will find it in your collection

How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication on Fortnite

Setting up Fortnite with two-factor authentication is necessary to protect the account. In this free to play Fortnite game, there are several things that players unlock in their playing time. From the rewards and through purchasing, numerous items exist in the inventory of every player. V-bucks is the only currency in Fortnite that can be used for purchasing items like skins, emotes, outfits, gliders, and pickaxes. V-bucks cost real money, and in that condition keeping the currency of game secure and safe, it is necessary to keep the account safe as well. There are legit players exist who prefer to get everything legally, but some of the players don’t go the same way.

To keep your account safe through those gamers who prefer to get accounts and


the money of other players, in the Fortnite two-factor authentication feature available to enable. After enabling the feature, you can secure your account from any nefarious players. Epic Games has guided the players in several terms like there are no free V-bucks process exist, and if you find of that, it is not an exact process. You can win V-buck through competition and tournaments. The procedure of securing Fortnite account through two –factor authentication is simple, and you can do it as follows:

Enable Two-Factor Authentication for Fortnite Account

Before protecting your account through 2FA, you need to be aware of unknown links. Never click on any link that informs you to get free V-bucks or any other reward for free. It is the biggest threat to lose your account, and that is why 2FA is essential. If you enable it, your account will be safe, and every item in your account will be safe as well. From the official Epic Games website, you can expand your security.

  • Launch epicgames.com and log in to your Fortnite account.
  • Go to “Account Settings” over the username on the above right side corner.
  • Choose “Password and Security.”
  • On the bottom side, tap on “Enable Two-Factor Sign In.”

After completing the process, the account will ask for the unique code that will be sent to the Email. Without the one-time code, you will not be able to log in to your account. It’s a great way to keep the account secure. Every item or process in the game takes so much time, and no player wants to lose it. A robust password for safety could keep your account more secure. On any other platform, you log in to your account, you need to follow the same procedure, but remember to do not click on any link that you know nothing about. Fortnite is well curious about the security of the player processes and data of the game, and this initiative is a great step toward protection.

Chloe Decker is a self-professed security expert; she has been making the people aware of the security threats. Her passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. She writes for Microsoft products at office.com/setup.

Source: https://office-uk.com/blog/how-to-enable-two-factor-authentication-on-fortnite/