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Best 5 Android and iPhone Applications to Work from Home

Due to the global health outbreak, people are forced to work remotely, making digital devices all the more essential. In case you do not own a PC or laptop, then working from home can seem to be an impossible task. Well not really, your phone is a powerful device and can easily help you work from home. There are several applications that can help you in activities like video-conference meetings, exercise, and even buy groceries. In this article, we will show you some useful applications that can be used in Android and iPhone devices.

1) Video Conferencing Applications

The biggest issue when you are working from home is communication with your coworker. But simply because you cannot visit your office, it does not mean you cannot communicate with your colleague or attend a meeting. Sometimes you need to participate in a group video call at the time of the meeting when you are working from home.

A video-conferencing application can help you out here. You can start a meeting and family group calling via third party applications like Skype for iPhone and Android. If you want to host meetings, then you can also use the Zoom application that works in both iPhone and Android.

2) Team Communication Applications

IF you are working from home, then it is not possible to regularly get in touch with your friends by email conversation or video calling for eight hours. To stay connected with your colleague with eight hours, you need an application that can help you to stay connected with your colleague. One of the best applications is WhatsApp and with its group chat feature, you can stay connected with your coworkers.

The application is available for free both iPhone and Android. Users can easily make a group chat where all the workers and employees stay connected. You can also share documents, images, and presentations. Android users can download it from the Google Play Store and the iPhone users can download it from the App Store.

3) Group Video Calling Applications

You need a video conferencing when you want to give guidelines to your subordinates so that you can call all the workers in one conversation. Sometimes you may want to call your families member and close friends in one chat. It is all possible by using one third-party application.

If all your workers, family, and friends are using the iPhone, then it is so simple to connect each other with only using your iPhone Face time. Here you can add up to 32 people in one call, and also, you can add animojis for fun. It is one of the best video chatting applications for the iPhone user.

If some of your friend’s family and workers are using an Android device, then you can use a Houseparty application. This application works in both of the devices and allows video-conferencing alongside several call rooms availability.

4) News Applications

You can be a bit bored simply laying at home and watching the repeat telecast of things shown on TV. Well you might as well get yourself equipped with what is going around in the world. You can use a news application where you can get current news and information from worldwide.

First, choose a trustworthy source for the news and download the application on your device. You can enable and disable notification for the application according to your needs. You can download The New York Times application that is available for iPhone and Android for free. You can also use Google News application for iPhone and Android and even Reuters News that is also available for the iPhone and Android.

5) Workout Applications

So the ongoing pandemic has restricted you from going to the gym. Is it reason enough to lose all your gains? Of course not, but that does not mean you should expose yourself to the threat.

You can use Nike Training Club applications that are available for the iPhone and Android for free. In this application, you can get 190 workouts you can download to stay fit or you can customize a workout regime .

The Fitbit Coach application is also available for the iPhone and Android devices. This application allows you to personalize your workout based on your fitness level. To use this application, you need to spend some money as it is available at $7 for one month.

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