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Location of Every Empyrean Key in Doom Eternal

The popular first-person shooter game of id SoftwareDoom, has been brought back in a whole new version known as Doom Eternal. Following attributes of its predecessor, Doom eternal is also famous for its weapons. The game contains a series of mysterious keys that can unlock the door to the most potent weapon of this game. In the following article, we are going to discuss with the gamers about ways to find all the mysterious keys, also known as Empyrean Key.

Locations of All Empyrean Keys

There is a total number of six keys to collect to obtain the potent weapon through a slayer gate. These six keys lie at six distinctive locations, and these locations are missions that gamers need to complete to access to slayer gate. Below we have mentioned each of them specifically.

  • Quest 9: Taras Nabad.
  • Quest 7: Mars Core.
  • Quest 6: Arc Complex.
  • Quest 5: Super Gore Nest.
  • Quest 3: Cultist Base.
  • Quest 2: Exultia.

Exultia Quest

The gamers need to access the cave that is situated on the right side of Hellscape. Thereafter, gamers need to jump across the platform to fund the key. Once the gamers find the key, then they need to unlock the first slayer gate and accomplish its quest.

Cultist Base Quest

The gamers need to jump across the walls until they reached the grabbable wall. The wall will take them down to a tunnel; they need to keep on walking until a room appears. The key is hidden inside the room; gamers need to locate it. Once they located it successfully, then they need to use the key to enter the second slayer gate and accomplish the mission inside it.

Super Gore Nest Quest

The third key is lies inside a tunnel that is pink in color. The gamers need to go to the subsequent tunnel and obtain the key. Thereafter, the gamers need to use all three keys to unlock the third slayer gate. After that, gamers need to complete the mission.

Arc Complex Quest

The gamers need to go towards the skyscraper and knock down all the foes that hinder them. Thereafter, they need to go to Atrium near the wall. The key is lying on the wall, jump, and obtain it. Use the key and unlock the fourth gate to complete the appear challenging.

Mars Core Quest

The gamers have to visit the Doom slayer that is situated near the large rocks. Thereafter, the gamers need to tap the button lies inside it. The button will pop-up a whole new way and platform. Gamers need to go towards the platform as the key lies upon it. Grab the key and unlocking the fifth slayer gate and complete the appear quest.

Taras Nabad Quest

The gamers need to navigate to Catacombs and then require to move into the sewage area. The gamers will find the key inside one of the water tunnels inside the Catacombs sewage system. Gamers need to grab the key and access to the last slayer gate.

Once the gamers obtain all the keys alongside completed all the missions, then they need to get back to the Doom fortress to grab the potent weapon. Once the gamers, successfully reached to the Fortress, an animated video will play, and soon after, the gamers will be rewarded by the subsequent weapon. The weapon is known as maker race, and it is one of the most powerful weapons in Doom Eternal.

Doom Eternal is available to be played on PCXbox OneGoogle StadiaNintendo Switch, and PS4.

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